Method of au plating using the lift-off method

리프트 오프방식을 이용한 금 도금방법


본 발명은 Au에치언트공정을 사용하지 않고 Au 도금을 할 수 있게 하여 심한 독성으로 인한 문제점을 해소할 수 있고 제조공정을 단순화시킬 수 있게 한것에 목적을 둔것이다. 상기와 같은 목적을 가진 본 발명은 SiNx(패시베이션층) 증착 및 식각하고, Ni 베이스케탈 증착 및 다층패턴을 형성한 다음, Ni-Au 리프트 오프하고 Au을 도금한 후 Ni 베이스메탈을 제거공정으로 도금함을 특징으로 한다.
PURPOSE: A gold plating method using a lift-off way is provided to improve the process for plating the gold and the processes for manufacturing a dielectric crossover, a metal-insulator-metal, a capacitor, and an inductor by plating gold without Au etchant. CONSTITUTION: The first SiNx layer is formed on a GaAs substrate(1), a photoresist pattern(6) is formed on a pad part(2) to be plated, and the GaAs substrate(1) is etched selectively. After the photoresist pattern(6) is removed, a Ni base metal(5) is deposited on the exposed whole surface. The second SiNx layer(7) and a photoresist pattern(6') are formed on the part on which Au is not plated. After a Ni-Au layer is deposited on the Ni base metal(5), a Ni-Au lift-off process is performed. Next, Au is plated on the deposited Ni-Au layer, and the second SiNx layer(7) is removed by using an HCl solution or a reacting ion etching.




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