Manufacturing method of field emission device tip

전계 방출 소자의 팁 제조 방법


PURPOSE: A method for manufacturing a tip of a field emission display device is provided to prevent damage of a silicon tip in a process for forming a gate on a tip formed with a single crystal silicon by forming a silicide layer. CONSTITUTION: A polysilicon tip(1) is formed by using a transfer mode method. A metal layer is formed on the polysilicon tip(1). A silicide layer(3) is formed by performing a heat treatment for the polysilicon tip(1) and the metal layer. An FEA(Field Emission Array) is formed by performing an etch-back process. The metal layer is formed with any one of Ni, Co, W, Ta, Ti, Mo, and Cr.
본 발명은 트랜스터 몰드법에 의해 팁을 제조하거나, 등방성 에칭 또는 등방/비등방 이단계 에칭과 샤프팅에 의해 실리콘 팁을 형성시킬 경우 팁 상에 메탈층(2)을 형성시켜, 그후의 게이트(4) 형성과정에서 열, 전류등에 의해 실리콘 팁이 손상되는 것을 방지토록한 것이다.




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